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I help people develop the confidence and skills to succeed in a 21st century career.


The world of work is evolving, and this means the shape of careers are changing too.

My own career has changed enormously these past 18 months and I've never felt more excited or motivated about my work. A sabbatical was the beginning of a move away from almost two decades in marketing and leadership roles building some of the world’s biggest brands, and towards a practice designed to help people develop and succeed in what I call an Adaptive Career ™.

An increasingly on demand culture, dramatic shifts in technology and a search for greater meaning are changing the nature of work. There are increasing twists and turns for us to navigate, new skills we need to develop, and more choices to make. Careers are becoming much less linear, and a lot more adaptive.

For organisations, this means rethinking how we grow and develop the careers of our talent. For individuals, there’s an exciting opportunity to re-imagine how we design our careers, explore new possibilities and create the future we really want.

My work includes corporate and public programs, and spans executive coaching and mentoring, training, speaking and facilitation.

Recent clients include The Gemba Group, University of Melbourne, BBC Worldwide, Media Federation of Australia and The Shannon Company.

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Whether you’re an organisation that wants to support your talent, or an individual who wants to take charge of your career, my goal is to help people be their best possible selves at work. 


What I bring 


Throughout my nearly twenty-year career as a senior business and marketing leader, I’ve played a pivotal role in helping teams and people I’ve worked with, find the confidence to take professional leaps; into difficult conversations, bigger jobs, new business ventures, leadership challenges and new careers.

I’ve brought all that to my practice - you can read more about my experience here.

I have a BA (Communications) and a Masters in International Studies. I’m an alumni of Sydney Leadership (now Adaptive Leadership Australia), and an ICF accredited coach through the Institute of Executive Leadership and Coaching (IECL). I sit on the board of Arts Project Australia, and I’m passionate about supporting great entrepreneurial talent as a mentor through Inspiring Rare Birds, and an advisor to climate fintech start up emmi.

I have a strong belief in the power of taking action, an obsession with the future of work and a passion for the psychology of behaviour change gained from almost two decades spent exploring consumer behaviour.

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My own story of career discovery

18 months ago I left my job as general manager of a leading digital business, took a sabbatical and decided to create my next career. Here’s my story.