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Inspiring, action oriented training designed to help people thrive in the changing world of work


As technology continues to upend the world of business, the skills we need to successfully navigate a 21st century career are changing.

Courses and workshops are designed to help individuals and teams develop the self awareness and skills to realise their potential.

Behavioural and action based frameworks and tools support individuals to embed change in their work and career beyond the day.

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Current courses and workshops include


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For: Employees from the junior to senior level.
Has been delivered for groups as small as 8 and as large as 40.

Duration: 1-1.5 days
Day One - Adaptive Career Design
Day Two - Agile Action Planning (2.5 hrs)


40% of employees cite lack of future career development as a major reason for leaving their jobs (Gartner) while research from Deloitte shows that 60% of employees said it was easier to find a new job outside their organisation than inside.

Employers need to connect short term development planning with longer term career design to lift retention and engagement.

Long term, linear career planning is less relevant in a world where your future job may not yet exist. So how do you help people plan a career when the ‘ladder is now a lattice’?

Adaptive Career Design provides a flexible framework that helps people envision future possibilities for their career that are aligned with their values, strengths, and the future they want to create for themselves.

When we identify future possibilities for tomorrow, we can start to test and explore them today. An agile action planning process then connects these future possibilities with people’s development plans to meet the needs of the individual and the organisation.

A really insightful and powerful approach”
- Director, The Gemba Group


·      Understand the science of career design in the 21st century

·     Identify and articulate the core tenets of you at work - values, strengths and worklife

·     Identify future possibilities for your career (short and long term)

·     Develop a 12 month vision through the Year of Possibility exercise

·     Design an agile plan that turns this possibility into action



For: anyone who wants to build their confidence and accelerate their potential. Has been delivered for groups as small as group of 10 and as large as 70.

Duration: Two hours.


Last year on the TED stage, Mike Cannon-Brookes shared his experience of Imposter Syndrome.

It’s a potent reminder that even people we consider wildly successful suffer from self doubt. But confidence is about not letting your doubts consume you. And it’s something you can learn, and get better at.

This two hour interactive workshop will show you that confidence is more skill than science. 

It’s an engaging mix of theory, reflection and creative exercises designed to help you see that if you’re willing to show up, develop the right mindset and commit to taking action, you can grow your confidence.

"Great exercises as well as tips to build our confidence. Loved the content including science.” - MFA


  • What is confidence and why it matters

  • The science of confidence: from genetics to gender

  • Confidence Killers: what to look out for

  • Confidence Kickers: practical ways to develop your confidence