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A program for mid-career professionals who want to re-evaluate and reinvent their working life and need help getting started.


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Career reinvention is hard

It’s why many of us stick with the wrong career. Because we’re not quite sure what our ‘next’ is, we’re too afraid to take a leap, or we just don’t know where to begin.

The good news is, you don’t need all the answers. You just need to get started.

Like any transformational change process, there is a kind of science to career change. I’m not talking about the psychometric testing kind, but the science of experimenting with identity. Career goes to the heart of who we are, which is what makes changing it so daunting. But to create change effectively you need to explore new possible identities in action, not just in theory. And not in one big leap but in small steps. You can’t think your way to reinvention, it starts with identifying possibilities, actively testing them and then making sense of the results. Just like in the lab.

How many times have you had ideas for a business, or thought about a different career path but then not done anything about it because it feels too big or too risky?

Find Your Next helps you better define the kind of career and work life you want, and supports you to start making it happen – in small steps.


Unlike other career counselling programs


Draws on the psychology of behaviour change to help you take action


Connects you with a small group going through the same experience so you can benefit from each other’s insights and support


Blends action and learning through a unique combination of a small workshop, one on one coaching and group connection




It shows you how a second act is not only possible it is “doable”, and in less time than you think. The coaching sessions are tailored, the group sessions help you realise you are not alone on this all important journey to the next stage of your career. I would not hesitate to recommend the program.

Senior Communications Consultant, Health Sector


I honestly could not fault this course. This has really helped me think about what to do next, and it reaffirmed some of the thoughts I’ve been having about who am I and what can I do to add value somewhere else.

Senior Program Executive, Telecommunications industry

How it works

The program has two parts – a workshop and a coaching program.



This energising small group workshop teaches you about the science of career reinvention, and how to effectively navigate changing paths. It gives you a chance (a whole day!) to think and reflect on your values, strengths and experiences –your story to date. And to identify potential next chapters, not just based on who you are today, but who you want to be tomorrow. You’ll also decide on some key next steps to get things moving. 

Throughout the day you'll explore and reflect on:

  • Your values

  • Your strengths

  • Your interests

  • Your desired work life 

  • Your career to date

  • Possibilities for your next chapter

  • Vision for the year ahead

This comes together in a Map of Me: a kind of guide to you at work: what you’re about and what’s next.

Time required: One full Saturday

Coaching Program

This is your chance to swing into action and create small positive changes – it’s where the real work starts. It’s a 60 day program to help build your knowledge, confidence and courage to take action and start working towards the change that you want to make.

Across the 8 weeks you’ll do:

  • 2 x one on one coaching sessions with Kate. I’ll also be available on email and group chat as needed.

  • 3 x one hour group calls in a group of 3-4

  • Weekly activities including reading, watching, reflecting, writing and groupchat to help you on your path to career change (allow about an hour a week)

  • And of course, any tasks you identify for yourself!




With 12+ years of experience, I was open to considering where else my skills might be applied. The workshop was expertly moderated in a very open, honest and collaborative environment, and overall, I left the day very positive with a number of exciting ideas about where my career might go.

Group Director, Global Advertising Agency


The workshop really helped clarify my thinking and helped me to form a stronger evidence base to inform my next move. It was also really valuable to receive objective feedback from a group of people that don’t know you, but who all felt very invested in each other’s directions by the end of the day. Creative, fun, and very useful!

Not for Profit Organisation Director

Program options

Find Your Next program options
Option 01


Option 02

Workshop & Coaching

Week 1-2
Values Creator and Brand Me activity.
Week 2
Find Your Next workshop
Week 3-10
Coaching program
2 x one on one coaching sessions with Kate
3 x group video calls
Access to Kate on email or group chat
Weekly activities
Weekly activities including reading, watching, reflecting, writing and group-chat to help you on your path to career change. Allow about an hour a week.
Investment in your career (with earlybird discount) $495 +GST $1245 +GST

*Contact Kate for payment plan options


 I’m in!

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How long does it typically take to change career?
Everyone will progress at different rates, the important thing is to understand how to improve your chance of success, and to get started on your path to change.

I really want to do the workshop but I’m unsure about the coaching program?
That’s fine, you can do Option One. The reason we encourage you to do the coaching program is to help you take action while you’re inspired to make a change. Career change can be hard and it’s too easy to go back to our work on Monday and then lose motivation.

If you choose just to do the workshop, and then change your mind on the day and decide that you want to do the coaching program, you can sign up then if there’s space, and still get all the support you need to start taking action but without the discount.

I’m not 100% sure if I really want to change my career, I feel confused. Should I still do the program?
Others have done it in the past, and identified what they really wanted from their work – even if it wasn’t a career change. Feel free to book a 15 minute call with me to see if the program will work for you or if you might be better to think about a coaching engagement. I’ll tell you honestly either way.

I feel anxious about sharing things about work with people I don’t know
What happens in the workshop stays in the workshop. Just know that you’ll have a small group of people in your corner for the whole day and beyond.