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A workshop program designed to empower your people to take charge of their careers.


Future focused career design

The ladder is now the lattice. Your future job may not yet exist.

In other words, the new world of work will present challenges you didn’t foresee and exciting opportunities you might not expect.

Our careers are becoming much less linear, and a lot more adaptive.

This program takes a 21st century approach to career design and development.

This inspiring, energising workshop enables you to empower your people to think differently and take control of their careers.

Using the Adaptive Careers framework, the workshop encourages a focus on values and strengths, and a shift away from linear thinking towards the idea of future possibilities. It enables participants to design a vision and action plan for their career, that will help them create the future they want.

The sessions are highly engaging and interactive, and employ individual reflection and group work to give people the clarity and vision to move towards their tomorrow, today.




Up to senior manager and director level

Group size
We have successfully tailored this program for groups as small as 8 and as large as 40

1 to 1.5 days

Note that the workshop requires individual pre-work on Values and Strengths.


Interested in having me run The Future of You program in your workplace?