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Career Mentoring


Take charge of your career and design your own future


Are you looking to take control of your career?

The demands of a rapidly evolving work culture, technology led shifts in business and a desire for meaning are changing the nature of work. 

The ‘ladder is now the lattice’ which means careers are shaping up to be much less linear and a lot more adaptive.  After all, your future job may not yet even exist.

Leading an Adaptive Career™ brings amazing opportunities for you to learn different skills, explore divergent paths and discover new things. But more and more, it means that the challenge of designing and developing your career is up to you. 

I partner with individuals who want to take control of their own career.

If you’re like most people who seek me out for career mentoring, then you might be:

·       Feeling stuck in your career, not sure what’s next and want help to take action

·       Wanting to get more from your current career

·       On a path to change but need help managing the transition

·       Looking for advice around defining and communicating your value




Need help taking action?

I’ll tailor our engagement based on the question you’re seeking to answer - ultimately my goal is to help you reflect on the person you want to become at work, and take action to get there.

My Adaptive Careers™ framework provides a flexible approach to career design. It enables you to create a vision for the kind of future you want tomorrow, and start taking action to achieve it today.

It will help you define your values, articulate your strengths, identify future possibilities, develop a vision for your future, and craft an action plan to get you moving.


Interested in working with me?
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